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OK, job hunters. I’m back.

Two years ago I showed you how to write your resume effectively. The feedback has been overwhelming. Dozens of people, maybe 100, sent me emails and LinkedIn messages. I tried to respond to most!

But of course, the resume is just one asset you’ll need to get the job you want. Millions of people are still underemployed from the pandemic, and millions more would like to change jobs. So I’d like to share a few more tips on how to get the job you really want.

I’ve experienced this on both sides, hiring lots of…

It’s cliche at this point to compare The Trump Years to a poorly scripted network TV dramedy. In addition to enduring corruption, death, and pain, we Americans endured years of “the writers are really running out of ideas, am I right?” jokes.

But the resemblance to a television show is also uncanny as hell, and completely unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed, at least since those two forgettable seasons of Bill, Monica, and the Blue Dress.

The Trump Years has indeed jumped from one improbability after another. From the moment our protagonist, who we’ll call “DJT” here, descended his gilded escalator…

“I can’t handle those all-nighters.”

That next job you think you want — it may not be what you think.

When I ask friends and strangers, “What kind of company do you want to work for next?” I get a lot of very thoughtful answers. It turns out people spend a lot of time thinking about this!

But like anything else, this thinking is colored by biases, stereotypes, and myths. …

Playground for the elites. (Out of frame: All the work we were doing. So much work.)

The year was 2009. I was 36 years old and applying for a job at Google.

The initial phone recruiter, after warning me that the process would take “two to three months” (and it took all of that), speedwalked through a regiment of screening questions. Everything seemed normal until:

“And what was your SAT score?”

Again, I had just turned 36. And Google was asking me about my performance on a test I’d taken when I was a child of 16. It stunned me for a moment. …

This is where I worked as a Senior PM in 2007.

Update, June 2021: I’ve written a companion piece about how to apply for a job successfully, from targeting the right opportunity to interviewing to accepting or negotiating an offer. Please read that one first, or this one first. Either way, I hope this is helpful to you and your career.


Do you expect to be working for the foreseeable future? If so, we need to talk about your resume.

About 10 years ago, I somehow became all my friends’ resume doctor. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. I guess I helped out one or two people who were…

This morning, Snap founder and CEO Evan Spiegel posted a treatise on Axios on how his company will change the social media model. In his words, Snap will “separate the social from the media.”

This is how Snapchat feels about itself

In his post, he makes several mentions of the phenomenon of fake news, using the media’s pre-election definition of the term: hoaxes and fictions designed to drive clicks for profit or propaganda.

Social media fueled “fake news” because content designed to be shared by friends is not necessarily content designed to deliver accurate information. …

2010: My new eco-friendly wheels, and some of my favorite cargo, and oh my god I still wear those clothes all the time.

Genuine thank you to all my friends who have been sending me congratulations on my impending big VW payday.

Around half a million diesel vehicles are covered by the deal. Consumers will be able to choose between selling their car to Volkswagen (for its resale value before the news of the scandal broke) or having their car repaired by the automaker to reduce its emissions in compliance with U.S. law.

Either way, car owners will also receive a “restitution payment” of between $5,100 and $10,000 as compensation for Volkswagen’s misconduct.

That $10,000 number looks pretty nice, I’ll grant you. But…

Dear person who felt an emotion from someone else’s Open Letter:

I felt it, too.

Since the Open Letter has become the primary form of polemic communication in our modern era of self-publishing, thus the Open Letter in Response has become critical to the function of our democratic republic. Publishing platforms like Medium are accelerating this phenomenon, for better or worse.

But we can do better.

Following a young employee’s blog post complaining to her CEO about her inability to make financial ends meet (which resulted in her firing), dozens of other people decided to respond with their own open…

Short-term rentals are not a significant factor in SF’s housing shortage. So why are people going crazy about this one company?

Disclaimer: If you want to contact the author of this piece and accuse me of something, you can tweet at me. I also wrote a convenient FAQ for people who wanna call me “astroturf.”


Last year, I got the bright idea to try renting out a spare room in our house in Sunnyside, San Francisco, on the occasions when our family wasn’t staying with us.

I wasn’t sure that anyone would want to stay in our unglamorous part of town, but demand was surprising and immediate. I quickly found that this “vacation rental” was actually “temporary housing.” In addition…

How to Write a TV Episode Where Your Characters Visit Silicon Valley

Hollywood moguls are clearly agitated about not being the most overpaid people in California anymore. You want evidence? Just turn on your TV.

Pop culture is currently serving up a steaming buffet of tech’s weird working culture. Consider the seed-funded Pied Piper and acquisition-crazy Hooli in HBO’s Silicon Valley, or the breathtakingly reverent vision of Google in last summer’s The Internship, or the Facebook clone LifeInvader in Grand Theft Auto 5. Even HBO’s Veep and NBC’s Parks & Recreation have made recent visits to Sili Valley campuses, to uneven comic effect.

(Also, I assume at least two programs from the…

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San Francisco guy, startup marketing exec. Ex-Facebook, YouTube, Eventbrite. Not a strong sleeper.

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